We know that moving across the country can have you swinging on the pendulum of sanity, so we’ve come up with a list of sanity-saving tips for you to use. We are a dependable high-quality auto transport company. We huge our huge database of carriers to find the one with the right route and timetable to fit your needs.

Ship your car across country

  • Ship your car  to your destination.
  • Save wear and tear on your vehicle by waving the moving van goodbye and flying to your new home.
  • Driving across the country can be a grueling marathon filled with sore legs, dodgy hotels and getting lost in construction detours in major cities.
  • We can access our huge database and find the perfect carrier for you.
  • We can match a carrier’s route and time table to your particular needs.

Plan your Itinerary

  • If you still have one car to drive, or are driving a smaller moving van you’ll want to plan well.
  • Map all the legs of your route giving yourself extra time for getting lost, relaxing and stopping at tourist sites.
  • Map out distances and travel times.
  • Book hotels near the highway so you don’t have to spend extra time finding them.
  • Give yourself a day off somewhere fun. Book a campsite cabin near a natural attraction or splurge on a hotel near a historic site you’ve always wanted to visit. If not now, when?
  • Update your GPS. Roads change and if you are depending on an old GPS you could get told to turn right -in the middle of a bridge (true story)! Take the time to update it or just buy a new one.

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