High Standards Auto Transport

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Terms and Conditions


I, the “customer” agree to pay the following deposit to High Standards Auto Transport for the services rendered. I understand that  High Standards Auto Transport is a broker and is not the actual transporter. I further understand that  High Standards Auto Transport has been hired by me to obtain the services of an auto transporter to move my vehicle(s). I understand that this charge is a deposit by me to  High Standards Auto Transport. It represents a portion of my total transportation cost and includes services rendered by  High Standards Auto Transport. I understand that should I wish to cancel my transport for any reason, I must notify High Standards Auto Transport by email 72 hours before the schedule pick up date.

Furthermore, I understand that should I fail to execute or return this Agreement, I am allowing an auto transporter designated by High Standards Auto Transport to pick up my vehicle(s). I am expressly agreeing and consenting to the terms contained in this contract. Acceptance of these terms negates the right to dispute the above-mentioned charge for my deposit payment according to  High Standards Auto Transport Terms and Conditions.

 High Standards Auto Transport will refund your deposit in full for any reason as long as a truck has not been assigned to pick up your vehicle. The customer is responsible to contact  High Standards Auto Transport to request a refund.

I understand and agree that  High Standards Auto Transport will authorize and capture funds from credit card given for deposit only after a driver has been located and assigned to transport my vehicle.

If for any reason the vehicle is not picked up within 7 business days of the estimated load date the deposit is 100% fully refundable and will be issued back to I (the customer) within 48 hours of the customer’s request.

1. You, the customer, agree that you are the legal registered owner of this vehicle and have authority to enter into this Agreement with  High Standards Auto Transport LLC. (hereinafter referred to as ” High Standards”).

2. High Standards Car Department of Transportation Broker’s License number is 849782 and is bonded and insured through Pacific Financial Association.

3. The carrier will inform the customer prior to pick up or delivery. High Standards, its contractors, and/or its Agents does not guarantee a specific pickup or delivery date or time due to changing weather, traffic conditions, and conditions outside of the control of High Standards. High Standards works solely with agents, who are certified, bonded and insured.

4. Prices given are for running vehicles unless specified in writing on Shipping Order Form. If your vehicle(s) is inoperable or is oversized there will be additional charges. If carrier is not advised of inoperable or oversized vehicles prior to pick up, extra charges must be paid to carrier at delivery. All vehicles must have clearance of at least 6 inches from the ground be loaded on to carrier. Vehicles must be tendered to carrier with no more than a half tank of fuel (prefer 1/4 tank).

5. Customer warrants that he will pay the price quote due to High Standards for delivered vehicles and will not seek to charge back credit card payment to offset any dispute for damage claims or any other reason. If a charge back is initiated after the vehicle(s) has been delivered, customer will be responsible to pay all fees associated with the charge back, including, but not restricted to the payment of High Standards’ attorney’s fees and costs in connection with handling the chargeback though appeal, if any.

6. The trunk of the car may be filled up to 100 pounds of personal items. No items may be packed in the front or back seats of the vehicle(s). High Standards, Carrier, and their insurers are not liable for any personal items left in vehicle during transport. No personal items may be placed inside the vehicle or in the trunk of any vehicles that are being shipped overseas, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska.

7. Transporters will get as close to your door as possible for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle(s). If, for safety reasons they are not able to do so, they will ask you to meet them at a safe location to perform their duties.

8. High Standards does not agree to pay for your rental of a vehicle, any rescheduled travel arrangements, and/or added expenses caused by carrier delays and/or any other cause outside of the control of High Standards.

9. Primary Insurance for your vehicle(s) is provided by the carrier assigned to the delivery of your vehicle except as detailed in paragraph 11.

10. High Standards services to Customer are exclusively for the location, arrangement, and securing of a carrier to transport the vehicle(s).

11. The customer agrees that their insurance will be primary only for damages caused by acts of God (fire, flooding, hail, sand storm, tornadoes, and earthquakes). High Standards shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages caused by the carrier assigned to transport your vehicle. In the event that damage is caused to the vehicle(s), it must be noted at the time of delivery and the driver must sign the inspection/incident report. No claim to the carrier will be honored without the driver’s signature. Additionally, customer must submit in writing a description of damages, clear pictures, and 2 estimates within ten (10) days of receipt of said vehicle directly to the designated carrier for any resolution to be initiated. High Standards will not accept responsibility for any negligence of the assigned carrier. High Standards will however assist Customer to resolve claim issues with the carrier.

12. The customer will be required to pay the deposit listed on first page of this Shipping Order Form once the carrier is assigned to pick up the vehicle. By providing your credit card information over the telephone to an High Standards representative when making a reservation request, you are authorizing High Standards to charge your card the agreed upon deposit after a carrier has been assigned to the order. The remaining balance is due to the Carrier upon delivery of your vehicle(s) and may be paid by cash or cashier’s check only unless prior arrangements are made. Customer understands and agrees that if payment is not ready at the time of delivery, the car will be placed in storage at the customer’s expense.

13. The customer is responsible to have their car ready for shipping. If the carrier assigned arrives to pick up a vehicle that has been noted as operable and discovers that the vehicle is inoperable, a fee of up to $150.00 (for additional labor required) will be charged assuming the current carrier is still able to load the vehicle at High Standards’ sole discretion. If the carrier is not equipped to load an inoperable vehicle, both the inoperable fee and rescheduling fee of $125.00 may apply at High Standards’ sole discretion.

14. Once High Standards assigns this transport to a carrier, the agreed upon payment amount will be charged to the credit card provided by the customer. All payments are non-refundable once High Standards assigns this job to a carrier and full payment may be retained and considered earned by High Standards. In addition, a cancellation fee of $100.00 may be charged if the order is cancelled after a carrier is scheduled at High Standards sole discretion.

15. When placing a reservation request you are authorizing High Standards to work on your order and post your information on the Dispatch Board. You are also agreeing that you will give exclusivity for 7 business days to High Standards in order to secure a carrier in connection with your reservation request and will not allow another company to post your vehicle information. The 7 business days will begin from the first available date listed on the contract. If the customer’s vehicle information is posted on the Dispatch Board by another company after the reservation request has been made with High Standards, the order will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of $100.00 may apply at High Standards sole discretion. If the order is cancelled within the 7 business days, a cancellation fee of $100.00 may be assessed at High Standards sole discretion. If an order must be placed on hold, customer understands that the price may change once the hold is removed, depending on market prices. All cancellation or hold requests must be submitted in writing by fax or email.

16. Any refusal of allowing High Standards and or the contract carrier to provide its services or any vehicle that is not prepared for pick up on the scheduled date will cause the customer to forfeit their deposit and may incur a dry run fee of $250.00 that will be charged on the credit card used for the initial payment at High Standards’ sole discretion. If the customer chooses to continue with the order, a rescheduling fee of $125.00 may apply at High Standards’ sole discretion.

17. This is a contract between High Standards and you, the customer. By either submitting your order online, sending us your order by fax or by email, High Standards understands that you are placing your order and accept these terms and conditions. You consent to the listed charges and agree that you have read and consent to the terms listed above. You understand that you are hiring High Standards as an agent on your behalf to locate and secure a carrier to relocate your vehicle(s) and will not hold High Standards liable for delays, damages and or acts of god. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida. The parties further agree that any legal action arising out of this Agreement shall be filed exclusively in a court of competent jurisdiction within Broward County, Florida. You hereby submit to the jurisdiction of such courts and waive any and all defenses based on lack of personal jurisdiction. High Standards can only be liable for up to the amount of the listed deposit/down payment amount located on your quotation. In no case can High Standards be held liable for the designated carrier’s damage. High Standards will provide carriers insurance certificate and carrier information should any controversy arise. In no case will High Standards be responsible for consequential damages, special damages, punitive damages, or any other damages in excess of the amount paid to High Standards. High Standards will be reimbursed by Customer for any attorney’s fees and costs necessary to enforce this agreement.


After reading the Terms and Conditions above, please enter your name, email address, phone number, quote ID#, pick up address, destination address and mark that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.