The weather getting warmer and its about that time to ship your car back up north to New York, Chicago, Ohio, or you might even be going across the boarder to Canada. When that time does come there is certain things you have to make sure you have covered when selecting the right auto transport company for your shipping needs.

-First you’d want to do research on which company is best for your auto hauling. You can do this by checking for reviews on, Google plus, BBB, or Yelp are a few good starting points. Main thing to check for is if customers are having similar stories of the price being changed after making a reservation.

– Another great idea when looking for the savings is to find an auto transport company that gives discounts to “snow birds”. Snow birds are those who travel down south from colder climates to enjoy the warm weather during the winter and travel back up north during the spring. Finding car shipping companies, like High Standards Auto Transport, that caters to snowbirds can possibly save you a couple $100 off of the move.

– Customer can put up to 100 lbs in the trunk of their vehicle during the transport.

-Take pictures of the vehicle before transport to make sure there are no minor scratches.

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