When purchasing a new used vehicle online one of the main questions is “how are you going to get it after you purchase it?”. Sometimes the best deal isn’t around the corner and in that case finding a car shipping company is the best choice.

Car companies such as High Standards Auto Transport gets your used vehicle shipped right in front of your driveway hassle-free. Whether your purchasing from Ebay, craigslist, or maybe through an online dealer getting your car hauled to you has never been easier.

When the vehicle is picked up, the driver and the party handing over the car does a physical inspection to make sure there are no visible scratches or dents. The same thing is also done on delivery to make sure your vehicle was transported to the highest quality, without damage.

At High Standards Auto Transport we pick the highest quality and cost effective car carriers to get your used car shipped to you immediately. As we do like 2 weeks advance notice, we are able to do express same/next day pick ups.

Call us now at 818-672-5885 for a free quote and use code: “Damn Daniel” for $50 off your next car shipping