So you’ve found your dream car! You’ve been doing your research, you test drove cars, you watched the review video, you read the consumer reviews and double checked the safety ratings. Oh, by the way, it’s in Florida, and you live in California! No problem!

High Standards Auto transport has the solution for your dilemma. We are an auto transport company that can get your dream car from point A to point B with the greatest efficiency! We have the connections, all over the country to get your auto shipped on the most efficient route. We can go through our lists and find just the right carrier.

Yes, you could possibly find a carrier to get your car to you, if you spent tons of time researching and calling but you just finished researching your car, why not make this part the easy part, and call us and we’ll find the carrier for you. We have relationships with carriers and use only the best ones. They are reliable and trustworthy.
Or you could fly out and get your car, instantly putting thousands of miles on it and inflicting depreciation, but you just bought it, keep it’s value high and the milage low! All you have to decide is if you want the auto transportation to be open or closed, tell us where and when it can be picked up and where and when you need it dropped off and leave the rest to us!

Contact us at 844.596.6554 today for an estimate.