What is my delivery window?

Delivery depends on how far your shipment is going. Coast to coast transits for car shipping average 7-14 days and closer distances can range from 1-7 days. When you speak with our team of professionals, first we find out your individual needs for your delivery, and then we pair you with a carrier that can meet those needs

Is my vehicle insured?

We wouldn’t be giving you the High Standard experience if it wasn’t insured. Not only do we choose only the highest rated and reputable carriers with up-to-date insurance and licenses, but we also back it up with our $75,000 bond. You can view our active bond on the FMCSA.dot.gov.

How does payments work?

Your payments are broken down in 2 installments: A small deposit, and the remaining balance on delivery.
We make it easy and hassle free with NO upfront charges. You are only charged the deposit when you are assigned to a carrier and given the carrier information. And YES, the deposit is deducted from the total cost of the move.
The remaining balance is paid to the carrier on delivery with certified funds. Easy right?!

Do we ship door to door?

Yes we do! Our carriers pick up and deliver at the addresses that are provided. Rarely there occasions where for safety reasons a carrier cannot picked up or deliver a vehicle at a destination. If this happened to be the case the driver will arrange a pick up/delivery at a nearby destination.

I’m hearing a wide range of prices, why is that?

As a company striving to be the best in the business we can tell you we won’t be your lowest price estimate, and we won’t be your highest, we’ll be just right!
Many companies quote low just to get their foot in the door, but then leave the shipper with delays on pickup and surprise price increases short notice. These types of companies also take deposits before a carrier is selected, beware. Others quote too high to make their pockets fatter while leaving you with lint.
Us at High Standards are here to price your auto transport correctly to have no surprises and leave cash in your pockets.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, we’re waiting on your call right now! Give us a call at 844-596-6554, so one of our moving coordinators can attend to your individual need and get your vehicle transported to a high standard. Let us show you a company that lives up to it’s name.

Oh, rather have this conversation online? No problem! You can get a quick quote online or email us at info@HighStandardsAutoTransport.com.

We also have a Speedy Fast Quote option. Click here for the Speedy Fast Quote form.

If you have more questions, we have more answers! Call us now and let us give you the service you deserve.