Snowbird season is when people from the northern and mid west states head down south to states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California to avoid the cold weather during the fall and move back up during the spring time when its warmer again. Snowbirds are typically retirees and younger professionals who have jobs tied to seasonal tourist. Here at High Standards Auto Transport we specialize in getting your vehicle delivered right to your driveway for snowbirds.


During this season, snowbirds find it hard to find an available car carrier and even harder to find one that’s at a cost effective price. High Standards Auto Transport takes the headache out of hauling your car and gets you the best rates at the same time. There are many reasons why choosing an Auto Transport company would be best for snowbirds. Benefits include:

  • Save money! When shipping your vehicle from one state to another snowbirds can incur costs such as gas, hotels, food, and even unexpected auto repairs due to extra wear-and-tear, miles, flat tires, weather etc and renting a car can be even more costly. With High Standards Auto Transport our car shipping specialists gets you the most cost effective flat rate and you don’t have to worry about anything else.
  • No extra miles or wear-and-tear on your vehicle! Our car carriers pick up and deliver your vehicle right in front of your driveway and the wheels never touch the ground while on our carriers. White glove service at its best, that’s the High Standards Auto Transport tradition.
  • Save time! Why spend your precious time on driving and doing extra planning when we can do it for you at a cheaper price that you doing it yourself? Our carriers come to you and deliver the vehicle at the location you choose so you can sit back and enjoy your coffee.
  • No risk! Its more of a gamble driving long distance yourself for problems to arise, such as bad weather conditions, traffic tickets, and vehicle maintenance. With High Standards Auto Transport we take your vehicle off its wheels so both of you can relax while our professional car carriers ship it right to your destination.

Major Snowbird Routes

  • Northeast and mid west locations traveling to Florida cities Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville Fort Myers, and Bradenton. And then back during the spring.
  • Northeast and mid west locations traveling to Texas cities Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. And then back during the spring.
  • Northeast and mid west locations traveling to California, Arizona, and Nevada cities such as Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Pheonix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. And back during the spring.
Car Shipping
Car Shipping

Let us take the hassle off your hands and ship your car for you during snowbird season. Need a free quote? Call one of our car shipping coordinators now at 844-596-6554.