1. High Stan’s Car of the Week: Tesla Model X

    High Standards car of the week is none other than Tesla's new SUV. The Model X is an All-Electric luxury 7 seater that is sure to blow you away. Being one of the first of it's kind ,Going from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds with top notch aerodynamic design and falcon wing doors is sure to make anyone want one of their own. We look forward to seeing this remarkable vehicle roll onto our hauler. Will you b…Read More

  2. Get Your Used Car Delivered

    When purchasing a new used vehicle online one of the main questions is "how are you going to get it after you purchase it?". Sometimes the best deal isn't around the corner and in that case finding a car shipping company is the best choice. Car companies such as High Standards Auto Transport gets your used vehicle shipped right in front of your driveway hassle-free. Whether your purchasing from E…Read More

  3. car haulers

    Shipping Your Car Back Up North [Auto Shipping Tips]

    The weather getting warmer and its about that time to ship your car back up north to New York, Chicago, Ohio, or you might even be going across the boarder to Canada. When that time does come there is certain things you have to make sure you have covered when selecting the right auto transport company for your shipping needs. -First you'd want to do research on which company is best for your auto …Read More

  4. Ship Your Car With Peace of Mind

    Moving. Though it can be an exciting time, it is one of the most stressful adult tasks we come across throughout our lives. While it can be a positive change in one’s life, it’s a change that does not come without quite a bit of effort. From finding your new apartment or home to getting the perfect job once you land there. There’s a whole list of to-do’s  to prepare you and your family fo…Read More

  5. Get Your New Car Delivered

    So you’ve found your dream car! You’ve been doing your research, you test drove cars, you watched the review video, you read the consumer reviews and double checked the safety ratings. Oh, by the way, it’s in Florida, and you live in California! No problem! High Standards Auto transport has the solution for your dilemma. We are an auto transport company that can get your dream car from point…Read More

  6. Tips for Moving Cross-Country 2/2

    We know that moving across the country can have you swinging on the pendulum of sanity, so we’ve come up with a list of sanity-saving tips for you to use. We are a dependable high-quality auto transport company. We huge our huge database of carriers to find the one with the right route and timetable to fit your needs. Ship your car across country Ship your car  to your destination. Save wear an…Read More

  7. Tips for Cross-Country Moves 1/2

    High Standards Auto Transport is your expert to turn to when transporting a vehicle across the country. We know that a cross-country move can test your patience and we are here to help you with the auto transport portion of your to-do list. We’ve put together a list of tips for making a cross country move a bit easier. Ship Your Car We can find you the carrier best prices, the route closest to y…Read More

  8. auto transport snowbird

    Car Shipping Made Easy For Snowbirds

    Snowbird season is when people from the northern and mid west states head down south to states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California to avoid the cold weather during the fall and move back up during the spring time when its warmer again. Snowbirds are typically retirees and younger professionals who have jobs tied to seasonal tourist. Here at High Standards Auto Transport we specialize in g…Read More

  9. Choosing An Open Vs Enclosed Carrier: Which Is Best For You?

    When shipping a vehicle, one of the main questions asked is if you rather an open vs enclosed carrier. Here we have the quick answers to your questions and will also give you the difference on both. Open Carrier More cost effective Most common choice for average cars "Open" to the natural environment, such as weather and debris. Safe! Same carriers new car dealers use. Minimum $750,000 insurance o…Read More

  10. Corporate Moves With High Standards Auto Transport

    Doing a corporate move can be stressful, as your not only moving yourself, but a group of people as well. At High Standards Auto Transport we make corporate moves easy. We have the ability to move multiple vehicles coming from and going to the same city at a discounted rate. Not only do we handle your vehicle with the utmost care, but you also earn additional savings for moving more than one vehic…Read More